Mit kraftvoller Zartheit

Mit Kraftvoller Zartheit is a series of copper engravings rendering the very delicate structure specific to some plants.

The title of this series comes from a Mikrogram text by Robert Walser, “With powerful delicacy“ could be a possible translation to the original German, and it matches this work for I triedto recreate the delicate and subtle texture specific to some plants and flowers, take the Tulip for instance, using a technic based on hardness and strength, “engraving”.

The contrast between the firmness of the copper plate with all the force (Kraft) that one needs to engrave it, and the delicate fragility that it renders in the print is fascinating for me; the strong and fragile, the hard and the delicate, together in one, the oneness of two extremes.

Although a series each print is a Monotype 1/1, unique by the inking used for each colouring print. Here is also another paradox reconciled, two opposites united: the plural and the singular.