Galerie Stellaire

Galerie stelaire, Stellar Gallery in English, is an open series of portraits of writers and philosophers; open in time because it is created in parallel to some specific literary projects or specific readings on-going.

The necessity to draw even when I am working in a literary project always imposes itself; I cannot dissociate writing from drawing, or to be more accurate the writing is punctuated with moments where the line that was a word start to become a drwing or the line that was a drawing start to become words. But at the beginning there is always a line; a line that becomes either word either drawing, and goes from one to another.

For example, I was writing a short story set as an imaginary dialogue between the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa and the Austrian philosopher & mathematician Ludwig Wittgenstein, the dialogue started and led to drawing their portraits and their portrait set the tone to continuing the dialogue; from word to image and image back to word.

From left to right: Friedrich Nietzsche / Italo Calvino / Samuel Beckett / Ludwig Wittgenstein / Fernando Pessoa

Pastel on Papier