The Elements

This body of works develops around the four elements that constitute life in the classical perception of the world, in Alchemy and in the early days of science, when science, art and magic where one: Water /Earth/ Air/ Fire.

I choose the Heron as a metaphor of the manifestations of the four elements, because it is a very special being; as a bird his element is Air, but he is also water since he lives from fishing and always close to the water; he is also Earth for he walks the Earth in a singular slow motion steps as if he listens and hears what is beneath his fine feet; and as firebird, the magical prophetic bird of mythology and tales that inspire many work of art, music and literature.

Earth I, II & III , each 100 x 100 cm / Water I, 100 x 100cm  / Water II, 90 x 120cm / Air I, 150 x 150cm / Air II, 150 x 130cm Fire, 150 x 150 cm; all mixed technique on Canvas